Friday, August 22, 2008


I finished this small oil yesterday and was pleased with the finished painting for I was able to sort out some problems and get a better idea as to the tones and colors that I'll be using in the larger version. I think that I'm not completely satisfied with the composition and may change it slightly but I felt that I was off to a good start at least. Initially I was attracted by the sunlight on the rocks but the colors of the crystal clear water were amazing! I have alluded to this somewhat on the right where deeper water from the main flow of the river runs. Compositionally I like the way the rocks line up diagonally across the painting intersecting the thrust of the river which runs from the right to the left. There are a number of diagonals here that keep the eye moving about the painting. And the way that the underwater rocks are layered adds interest to areas surrounding the sunlit rocks.
A different view of this rock pool shows an even deeper emerald green of the water and I may try to do a painting of that too later on. I'm assuming the clarity of the water (and hence the colors) came because of the river being fed by snow melt - the water was very cold. This area was another memorable place during my visit and a wonderful playground for the creative. River Rocks II and other works which I am still working on are part of a series that I have going at this time. The study is a little over 5" X 7".


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremy

I'm amazed at the clear water and color from the reflection of sun on this painting. It could be my particular favour of the color combination itself too that attracts me. Wonder where I might be able to find this place if not from your great work??

Good job! Keep it up!

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks Cherry,
I too was amazed at the colors of the water and the rocks. And this was the main reason for doing a painting of this scene. I saw it at Golden Ears Park where I shared some very special moments.