Friday, December 24, 2010


After taking a break for awhile I'm now back in the studio working on smaller studies. This was one of the paintings that sold at the Waterfowl Festival last month and most of the newer studies will be similar in size and scope. I have been out doing quite a bit of walking too (in spite of the cold weather) and have quite a few places in mind that I want to go back to and paint. It has snowed a few times already so that has been an added bonus as snow is one of my favorite things to paint. I have though, to be somewhat careful not to repeat myself as I am often attracted back time and time again to similar scenes. To help offset this, I am trying to see things from a different perspective and spending more time just walking around and looking. Dried grasses, fallen trees, soggy ditches etc all look so different covered in a layer of freshly fallen snow and I'm trying all the while to fine an unusual view that will inspire me to make a painting. This is one of the reasons that I make so many smaller studies as I find for me that this is the best way to consolidate some of my ideas. Sundown at Blackwater is 5" X 7", oil on canvas.