Tuesday, September 5, 2017


The last few paintings from the trip. Another morning scene, this time on the next beach over from where we were staying - this time at high tide. Here I was taken by the stunning light across the water, the waves and the distant landscape. Size of this oil is 9" x 12". There were a surprising amount of wading birds resting and occasionally feeding along this strip of the coast. Since I didn't want to disturb them, there are no close-up photos to show you but amongst the more common species were quite a few North American waders and an occasional osprey drifted by. Brown Pelicans soared over the waves just offshore - marvelous!

Painting these banana trees were of special importance to me as when we were leaving the area, a  large flock of frigate birds flew over heading towards the coast - I distinctly remember seeing them appear and disappear as they flew above the treetops - wonderful! The painting was difficult and I had to take it slow - I don't usually like painting a lot of green in a painting but this was one that worked out okay I think. I especially wanted to capture the fan-like effect of the leaves as they seemed to soak up the sun. Size is 8" x 10", oil.

This small painting holds a special place in my heart as it seems to sum up all the experiences of Costa Rica in a single painting. I suppose it is mainly about the light which seems to be particular to the area, and this brings it all back. We passed many such places as this - so many paintings yet to do from this wonderful trip. Title of the painting is Roadside Trees. Oil, 5" x 7".