Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Grey squirrels are common around here and there is even a black version! I enjoy watching their capering about but they can be a nuisance as I found out when one chewed apart and completely destroyed my attic vent trying to get into the roof! This graphite study on paper is about 5" x 8".


I saw this bracket fungi on one of the decaying trees over in the reserve. In the sunlight, it looked interesting so I decided to do a sketchbook study of it. This rather large specimen looked a lot larger the next time I went by and had changed its shape too. Maybe another study later? Watercolor, 12" x 8".

Monday, September 16, 2019


Canada Geese hatched this year are growing up now and are in their adult plumage - although not looking anywhere near as smart and clean-cut as their elders. At this stage of their life, they seem a little unsure of themselves but are tamer than their older relatives so make excellent models as I can usually approach them quite closely so long as I sit quietly and don't move about too much. This watercolor study is about 5" x 8".


Our visit to Italy a few months ago was incredible - especially for a landscape painter like me. The land is so full of history and subjects for paintings were to be had at every turn! I could have spent a lifetime there painting. We toured all the major cities including Rome and Venice. Heading South was the most wonderful experience where we stayed near the bay of Naples and visited Capri for a few days. Weather was perfect in the South, a bit of rain and clouds in the North. I did some painting and sketching when I got the chance but most work will be completed home here in my studio (once I clear my backlog of unfinished work). This small study in oils is 7" x 5".


I did this small study of Lantau Peak on a hazy day from Ngong Ping - the site of the great Buddha on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. The idea was to capture the impressive height and majestic feel of the mountain which is a difficult and tiring climb, but with spectacular views from the top. I'm hoping to do a larger painting of this subject when I can but I still have so many other paintings to finish off first! This study done in oil on canvas, 5" x 7".