Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I found this stone along a rocky shore in Maine a few years ago and became fascinated with the whorl patterning and texture. I collected a few others when I was there (as I do when I go to other places around the world) and completed some paintings of them too. Although this one looks to be a very simple study, I wish that it had been as easy to paint! Done life size in watercolor on smooth Arches paper, I had to go slowly layering many thin washes to build up the desired tones. Actually the shadow was the most difficult part of the painting! I would like to do more like this but am a bit leery of the thought of copying Alan Magee who has done a wonderful series of such paintings both in watercolor and acrylic. Size is about 7.5" X 11".

Saturday, July 21, 2012


It has been so hot here lately with records being broken all over the place! Working out of doors is now a distant memory as I relish the cool of my studio. Painting this small study helped on a subliminal level to keep the heat at bay and I was left feeling somewhat refreshed (even if it was all in my head). All this hot and humid weather has been somewhat unbearable at times, still I can't believe I am saying this but for once, I am actually looking forward to winter! Hopefully then to get outside with a small box of paints and do more scenes like this. Snow and Shadows is 5" X 7", oil on canvas.

Monday, July 9, 2012


This is another painting that had been hanging in the studio for awhile. Occasionally it would catch my eye and I would feel that perhaps it needed something extra (always a tricky thing to re-work a painting). After some time, a decision was finally made to do something so it was placed on the easel (still in the frame) and I got busy. Reworking didn't take long (I did post the original on my blog some time ago - if you can find it - good luck!) and comparing this final version to the earlier painting, I can see that there isn't much of a difference! Mostly a subtle lightening of the yellow and orange areas of the sky and some work to the foreground. Still, I think it is better for the redo and I'm happy at last! I have recently finished another similar painting so will probably post that one next. This oil is 7" X 12" and can be seen along with other paintings of mine at McBride Gallery in Annapolis, MD.