Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I did this study mostly in the field but finished some of the details in my studio (where it was much warmer). I love painting snow (and skies) and look forward to winter for this reason alone. It's always a bit of a catch 22 with me though for although one of the great delights in winter is tromping through new snow, I don't particularly like the cold. Still, I do try and get out as often as possible both with my paintbox and my camera.
In this painting I tried for a zig-zag format to lead your eye into the work and kept most of the warmer grasses to the back. The small sparrow on the right is a Chipping Sparrow, most of which have flown to southern climes by the time of any early snow but there are occasionally stragglers still around. I'll probably do a larger version soon but this oil is just 8" X 10".


This small study was just another way for me to get to know a little more about this magnificent eagle. I have done quite a few drawings and watercolor studies of these birds both in the zoo and at home in my studio in the hope of one day doing a larger more finished work. The sight of one (or more commonly a pair) of these eagles perched in a dead tree alongside a river or lake is one of the most inspiring sights that Africa has to offer. This watercolor is 5" X 7".

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Some time ago I managed a close-up encounter with this eagle at a wildlife rehab center. It was a wonderful chance to observe the beauty of Bald eagles in a way that was exciting as well as inspiring. While most of my quick sketches were done to try and capture the shape and structure, some photos also helped with the details. I usually try and get as much info in my sketchbooks as possible either in the form of sketches/drawings and/or watercolor studies. When I completed this head study, I incorporated all those into this painting. Most important was the eye so careful painting was required as I wanted to be as accurate as possible as well as trying to capture the life of the bird. In full sunlight, the head glowed wonderfully especially against the darker plumage of its body and the bright yellow of the beak. I have seen many eagles in my travels around the US but none has made quite the impact that this one did. Bald Eagle Study is about 5" square and was painted on 140lb Arches hot-pressed paper.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Here are two paintings that will be in the Waterfowl Festival this week. Held annually in the historic town of Easton, the show takes over the whole town with many exhibits including sculpture, carvings etc along with all the paintings, so please come and take a look if you are in the area.
Morning Light - Canada Geese is 24" X 36" - oil on canvas. Misty Coast study is 7" X 5" - oil on board.