Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Still working on my eagle series of watercolors. This one was painted from a young Bald Eagle, probably about 1 year old. Starting with a relatively detailed pencil drawing that was kept light, a background wash of warm tone was flooded onto the paper. Then it was a case of slowly building up thin washes of color until I felt that I had the essence of the eagle before me. The penetrating stare was a little unnerving but I am sure that I didn't interest the bird quite as much as it interested me! Size is 7" x 5,5" (18cm x 14cm), watercolor on Canson paper.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


At a nearby wildlife rehabilitation center (where I have often taken sick or injured birds and animals) I have noticed a red-tailed hawk that used to be in a cage outside the front door. This bird is not able to be released back into the wild so is often seen during events held at the center during the year where the public can approach more closely and ask questions.
In cases like this with the bird in front of me, I often sketch directly into my sketchbook or do smaller studies on watercolor paper. Then back in the studio, I take more time over a detailed study like the one above, trying all the while to capture something of the essence of these magnificent birds. This watercolor study is on Arches hot pressed paper, size 7" x 11.5". Sold.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have been travelling and have been completely unable to log in to Blogger. Here though is the mostly completed painting. I completed the finishing touches concentrating mostly on the sea and the foreground rock. I also adjusted the values of the main rock, adding a few more details and slightly darkened the rock in the foreground (but I may have to make it a little darker still). The sea was done with  a greenish-grey mixture with a very pale grey over the top to indicate foam  and smaller wavelets etc and that was about it. As is with most of my paintings, this one will be put aside for awhile so I can come back to it with a fresh eye and see if there is anything else that I should do. Fisherman's Rock, oil on canvas, size is 8" x 10".