Saturday, January 17, 2015


Over the last year, I have been slowly completing paintings that I started some time ago. Most of the time these pieces don't need a lot of work to finish them and that was the case with this one. Initially I wasn't that happy with the way the rocks came out so decided to re-paint that area. This took longer than usual (naturally) and was only finished late last week. Although this is a medium-sized painting, I feel that this is more of a study and I hope to get to finish a larger version of it sometime in the future.
I first came across this scene many years ago when I lived in Hong Kong. The huge roots of a Banyan tree cascaded down the hillside, hugging the contours of the surface rocks and provided support for the massive tree above. In a space between the roots, a government worker had painted a fire hydrant marker showing the direction of the closest hydrant and also the type of water etc. The scene had a huge impact upon me when I first saw it and I knew back then that I would do a painting of it. I loved the various elements of the scene which I felt brought man and nature together. A few studies followed then I set to work on a larger stretched canvas using oil paints. Over the years I did bits and pieces here and there before finally getting my act together and finishing the work. Size is 24" x 36" (61cm x 92cm), oil on canvas. Private collection.