Friday, May 28, 2021



This back-lit scene on an intense day in late summer was captured in acrylics which I sometimes use depending on the subject. Somehow the shady little bench in the foreground with its view between the towering trees invites one to linger and to gaze around in wonder. There was a quiet solitude here too that captivated us and in a nearby pond we found wild Mandarin Ducks, some still displaying - others resting on the shore - a truly magical day!

Wednesday, May 26, 2021



While watching waders at Chincoteague last week, a Little Blue Heron landed close by and began stalking fish close to the shoreline. I managed to do some reference studies which then led to these small watercolor studies done in my sketchbook. Size is about 12" x 9.5".

Monday, May 24, 2021



I found this Little Blue Heron resting on the waters edge recently at Chincoteague. It had been feeding in the shallows nearby then it moved much closer and posed for a while (probably digesting its catch). I did these drawings in my sketchbook while the bird was in bright sunlight - fortunately it didn't move about too much! Once I had got most of the two poses down, I darkened them slightly and added a few of the finer details when I got back home and the bird was still fresh in my mind. Size is about 12" x 8".

Thursday, May 20, 2021



We often see Turkey Vultures on the ground around here. I think it is a combination of the very high winds that sometimes sweep the area (especially in winter) and the fact that they can often find worms on the road. I drew and painted these birds as they sat nearby in the back yard. They also roost on the house (making loud clomping noises) or the the roof of the barn next door so I have plenty of opportunities to sketch them. Occasionally there are as many as 20 or so around at one time and I never tire of watching them soaring overhead especially in windy conditions. These studies were done in my sketchbook, size 12" x 9".

Thursday, May 13, 2021



Willets are often found in groups along the Eastern shoreline of the US and around here are quite common. In winter and at rest, they make interesting subjects to draw and paint. With the amount of beach walkers at Chincoteague (and more importantly no dogs), they get used to people passing by and often allow a close approach. I can usually sit nearby then slowly move closer as needed to get as much reference as necessary. These drawings were done from a group of birds that were resting a bit further up the beach away from the waves. I'm hoping to do more studies and watercolors of these birds soon, and have quite a few ideas for paintings. These drawings are on Strathmore paper, size is 12" x 9".

Wednesday, May 5, 2021



I continued by working on the sunlit area on the right then followed by deepening the shadows contained within the window alcove. There was quite a lot of variation of tones to deal with and also texture created by the rough stonework. The rest of the wall surrounding the window was in deep shadow and it took me 2 tries to get right, having to wait until the paint dried before I could overpaint it all again. I got there in the end though and was happy to leave the painting as it was for now. Size is 14" x 11", oil on canvas.