Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Travelling as we did from one side of Costa Rica to the other gave us the opportunity to see many different aspects of the country. These large huts were half-hidden by the foliage and the jungle seemed to be slowly reclaiming the place. This is a smaller 5"x 7" study as I plan on doing larger paintings of most of the images shown here.

This one is a slightly larger painting of a study I did earlier but this time using a square format and aiming for the same bright and sunny effect. I think I pulled it off although for the larger one I plan on doing later, I'll be reverting back to a regular landscape format. I used an 8" x 8" board upon which I had glued a piece of canvas (using a neutral ph glue). I then then primed with two coats of acrylic gesso - sanding between coats. This results in a surface that I find I am liking more and more as time goes by so have made up a whole batch of different-sized canvas-boards on which to work.

I was lucky to be at the beach with the sun setting over the water for this one. Again, a small study (7" x 5") but hopefully to be painted much larger when I get the chance. I could have worked there for ages as it was a spectacular sunset but I focused on a smaller area towards the end of the beach where two small headlands jutted out into the sea. Managed to gather a lot of photographic reference also so have plenty of ideas to get on with.

The final painting in this part is again one of rock pools which has always been a favorite subject of mine and brings back many happy memories exploring the North Cornwall coast when I was much younger. Unlike the studies shown above, this one is painted directly on a gessoed board - size is 8" x 8".