Monday, April 16, 2012


On occasion, I'll come across a painting that has been put away in some corner or other of the studio and having had the chance to look at the piece with a fresh eye, one can sometimes make some changes. In this case I cropped off quite a bit at the bottom then worked on some of the more subtle tones within the dark mass of greenery. I also worked on the sky and water a little too (just about the whole painting then!). Unfortunately this one has proven to be extremely difficult to photograph correctly even though I tried many different lighting conditions. It then had to suffer some editing in Photoshop - mostly to no avail. I'll try again later and if I get some better results I'll re-post the pic. This is one of a group of paintings that will be heading to McBride Gallery in Annapolis MD soon. I have some larger works on the go but they are really taking their sweet time! I had hoped to post them before now - hopefully in a week or so. Evening Sundown is an oil on board - 4" X 8".

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


In the nearby reserve, this particular view across a small valley is a favorite of mine. From the top of the hill looking in a westward direction, one can see miles across the varied landscape. Most of the open fields are behind me while more smaller areas of grass and shrub run down to the river and beyond. Tall trees on the right shelter a disused farmhouse while both lakes are in view from up here. On my right is a small white pine forest that gives way to larger oaks and sycamores and a smaller line of pines makes an effective wind break on my left. It is a wonderful place to sit and while away the hours observing wildlife, the clouds and in this case, a colorful sunset. I have painted here often and never seem to tire of the many and varied views through the seasons and feel privileged for having the opportunity to do so. This study in oil is a 9" X 12".