Saturday, July 21, 2012


It has been so hot here lately with records being broken all over the place! Working out of doors is now a distant memory as I relish the cool of my studio. Painting this small study helped on a subliminal level to keep the heat at bay and I was left feeling somewhat refreshed (even if it was all in my head). All this hot and humid weather has been somewhat unbearable at times, still I can't believe I am saying this but for once, I am actually looking forward to winter! Hopefully then to get outside with a small box of paints and do more scenes like this. Snow and Shadows is 5" X 7", oil on canvas.


john said...

A lovely study. Just like your usual level of excellece. I DO NOT look forward to the coming winter, but there has not been any hot days around here.

John Holmes said...

Hot here in HK too... but I feel cooler looking at your painting, and I'm glad I'm not trying to grow crops in all this exceptional weather !