Sunday, August 3, 2008


Back in the studio now and I have managed to finish off this small study - the first from the new Canada series. The view here is from Whistler looking across the valley to distant mountains. As mentioned earlier, there was still plenty of snow around so this coupled with the clouds sometimes cloaking the mountain peaks was just the kind of scene I was looking for. I'll probably do some larger paintings later but I was happy to get going with this one for now. I have also completed a late evening scene away from the mountains which I'll post tomorrow. My memory and the references in my sketchbook of this mountain scene was somewhat different from how I finished this study. Most importantly though was that the outcome was what I had envisioned before starting. I was helped by first accurately painting the mountain line and I subdued some of the clouds so that I could show the peaks and snow more clearly. There was very little detail in the hazy atmospheric lower slopes which suited me just fine. Unfortunately I'm still struggling to get good photos of my smaller studies although photos of my larger paintings are fine! Herculean study is in oil and measures 8" X 10".

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