Saturday, August 16, 2008


I have finally finished a studio painting from all the studies and sketches that I did while I was in Canada. A pre-study in oil (see earlier post) done when I had returned was also helpful. For some reason everything about my Canada trip was truly inspiring and I saw many landscapes that I wanted to paint. I had been looking for a scene like this for years and when I came across it, immediately thought of doing a painting. I was attracted by the way that the light was falling across some of the grasses leaving the foreground in shadow. The set of the tall trees against the mountains was very appealing and also the way that the tops of some of those trees were catching the light. I changed the composition slightly to one I preferred then roughed in the scene with oils. I went back to work on it after the paint had dried a bit adding more colors then put in the final details. This painting was a huge step forward for me in terms of subject and style formation. I couldn't be happier with it and especially like the way some of the bushes and smaller trees are highlighted against the shadowed background. It was a very rewarding painting to do and its success after all the studies done previously is sure to inspire similar works. This one is 12" X 16".


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremy

For some reason, I had tears when your most recent paintings popped into my eyes. They surely are somewhat a "break-through" from your other paintings. They showed an inspiring change in you as an artist. I truly believe any art productions are reflections of any inspiration or stimulation towards inner strength, passion and desire.

I particularly like the color combination, lights and the cheerful spirit coming through the scene whether it's in the morning or evening. I have much more admiration and appreciation for the beauty of nature, and for your talent too!

As a matter of fact, I'm especially proud and excited to see these paintings because I am a Canadian living in Vancouver!!


Jeremy Pearse said...

Hi Cherry,
Thank you very much for your inciteful comments and in-depth discussion of my work. Much appreciated and hopefully I'll have a lot more Canada scenes for you to look at soon.