Thursday, August 21, 2008


Here is my latest work from the Canada series. I saw this scene as I walked along a dike and was immediately inspired by the tonal contrasts between the foreground and the late evening sky. I also liked the way the sky was reflected in the river creating an abstract effect and providing a break in the massed grasses. Here the sun has already set but still providing plenty of light in the sky. This interesting halo effect around some of the clouds was a pleasure to paint. The pic looks a bit dark here but in reality has less dark tones in the fore and mid-ground areas.
It was especially enjoyable working on the foreground grasses trying to create mass and interest within a limited tonal range. In some ways I was reminded of the landscape in Italy and this is probably more down to the shape of some of the trees and rolling hills in the background than anything else. These Canada scenes have certainly inspired me and am now looking at my local landscape in a different way. I hope to have some of those up here soon but I simply have to get the Canada work out of my system first! This oil is 18" X 24".

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