Saturday, August 4, 2018


When I came to take another look at the painting, the background seemed to lacking something. A few slightly warmer and darker washes fixed that, working carefully around the bird. Next I began subtly darkening the plumage slightly. I also tightened up the eyes a little and corrected the shape of the ear tufts. These were darkened quite a bit to make them a little more believable. And that was it for this one. I cropped the finished work a little as I feel that this is probably all I want to do to the painting for now. Since this will be one of many illustrations for another project I'm working on, I think that it works fine in this study-like form. I have a lot of new paintings to finish for some of my galleries so will put this one aside for now, perhaps I'll do more to it later if I feel that I want to go further with it. Size is 17" x 12" (43cm x 30cm), watercolor on Arches paper.

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