Monday, August 27, 2018


We visited Spain a few years ago and like Hawaii, there have not been that many paintings from the trip. Still not sure why but I did do this smaller watercolor study shown here. Initially it was supposed to be a quick sketch for a larger painting but for some reason I kept working on it, adding more and more detail. I really liked this scene when I first saw it, especially being able to look through the arch to the greenery and buildings on the other side. That and the keyhole-like shadows really caught my interest. I still do plan on painting a larger study later on so may get back to this one soon. Size is 11" x 7.5", watercolor on Arches paper.


John Holmes said...

An arch or doorway leading to a just-glimpsed somewhere is always compelling, as here.

Candace X. Moore said...

Hi, Jeremy. Love this piece! I agree with John, there is lots of appeal in the mystery of what lies beyond that archway. Great job.