Saturday, August 11, 2018


Northern Goshawks are rare around here as we are on the southern edge of their range. I usually see them on migration or occasionally during winter. My closest encounter came a few years ago when one killed and almost completely ate a grey squirrel in my back garden. I disturbed it as I stepped out of my studio and just caught a glimpse of it as it flew away.
My idea with this painting was to have an immature goshawk flying from it's roost site early in the morning. The stand of white pines in my painting is over in the reserve where I once saw a goshawk and I thought, a fitting place to base my work on. I drew out the upper edge of the pines first on a new sheet of watercolor paper then lightly indicated the rest of the details - the goshawk was also added at this time. Next, I'll add some color washes and try to get a handle on it.

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