Monday, June 9, 2014


Working with the human figure can be very demanding especially when working in a realistic style of painting. This approach demands accuracy so a slow and careful approach is called for. One needs to combine accurate drawing with correct skin tones for the work to be successful so it was with this in mind that I started the painting seen here done on stretched watercolor paper. I positioned the model slightly to the left of center which allowed a little more space in front of her. Once an accurate drawing was in place, I started to lay on washes of pale reddish orange greyed slightly with sepia. This process continued for some time until I thought that I was getting close to the final skin tone then I added some details around the feet and hands. The sheer material that the model was wearing had some pale blue flowers embroidered into the pink so those details were also put in using a fine brush and cobalt blue. Next, more color to the figure plus I try adding the background.

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