Friday, June 13, 2014


Here is the final painting, quite a change from how it looked in the last post I know. I thought that I had another pic of the painting between this and the previous stage but I seem to have lost that photo. Anyway, a lot of the more subtle tones are not coming through in this pic and blogger has made the left side of the painting darker than it should be, in the actual work there is a much more subtle gradation towards the light on that side. Anyway, I'm really glad that I have finally finished this one as the actual painting took ages and I found it quite difficult to get the feeling I was after. So now onto the other paintings that I have in the studio plus I am thinking of working on a completely new series - more on that later. 'Summer Morning', watercolor on Arches paper, 15" x 22" (38cm x 56cm).


john said...

A nice departure from your usual subject matter. It seems that it would be difficult to do figure studies in watercolor. Did you feel like a fish out of water on this one?
I know that I would be floundering if I tried to paint people; especially in watercolor.

Jeremy Pearse said...

Actually John I have been working on the figure almost since the time I began painting but haven't quite decided (until more recently) where I wanted to go with them. And yes, figure studies are difficult in watercolor, there were a few times that I was wishing I had done it in oil instead! It was a difficult painting but rewarding.