Saturday, June 28, 2014


Living as I did in Hong Kong, some aspects of life there are synonymous with the character of the place - such as the hustle of Kowloon, the busy streets full of cars, people and buses, the trams running through Central, street hawkers and jay walkers, and over and around the skyscrapers of Hong Kong Island - Black Kites. Seen year round, they are almost always floating overhead or flapping about just offshore looking for tidbits on the ocean waves. They have for me become part of the landscape there and I never tire of watching them. They bred on Lamma Island where I lived and the nest was nearby so I could study them at leisure. Often I would be up at dawn watching and waiting for their first flight of the day and this was the feeling that I tried to get into this painting. The upward thrust of the rocks leads (naturally) to the bird which I feel is just about to launch off into flight. I kept the colours muted and harmonious to tie the piece together using many washes of watercolor to obtain this. The size is 22" x 15" (56cm x 38cm). Private collection.


john said...

A fine painting. I hope you don't mind if I say that it is similar to Robert Bateman's style. I emulate his approach to art more than any other artist.
A few years ago I was able to meet him and show him some of my artwork, here in Anchorage. We had a very pleasant chat.

John Holmes said...

I'm more familiar with Po Toi than Lamma, but the rocks are just right.

Topped by the Kite, a true-to-life and memorable image… !

Jeremy Pearse said...

John, thanks very much - and I really don't mind your comment about Bateman's style. I took a second look at my painting and agree with you, it does look a little like his work. I met Bob a few times, found him to be very nice and quite personable. Very helpful with advice too - I suppose that comes from him being a teacher for so many years.

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks also John, Black Kites are probably the bird I most associate to my time in Hong Kong. I'll post another pic of one soon.