Friday, May 30, 2014


Another evening sketch, this time concentrating on a layer of clouds close to the horizon and the associated colors found at this time of the day. I purposely kept the colors of the landscape subdued and used a harmonious palette throughout. Although I consider these sketches finished works in their own right, I do them most often as a kind of experiment, some develop into larger works, some into a series of their own. But all through I try and capture the feeling that I have for the landscape, and the simple joy I feel when I'm out painting. This oil is 9" x 12" (20cm x 30cm), private collection.


John Holmes said...

It's nice to see the subtlety of the painted colours, in contrast to photography, where too many photos on the web have the saturation fully cranked up !

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks John, yes I have seen that too. I much prefer subtlety as well, it means you don't get a quick fix but I prefer taking the time and spending it looking around the work discovering.