Sunday, May 18, 2014


Keeping with the Dawn and Dusk series, I painted this smaller study that shows the ridge line trees and lake close to where I live. It was a little later in the morning when I painted this one and the rising sun is off to the right of the scene. I was primarily interested in the early morning clouds so this is what the painting is mostly about. The main reason for posting the one though is that I have been working on sky paintings all week (I'll post some of them later) and since most of the studies have gone well, I am planning a larger work of one or more of these studies but still can't decide how much of the landscape to show at the bottom. Do I want the painting to be more like the one above of just have a thin line of trees and grass showing making the work more of a skyscape? To resolve this problem I'll probably do a series of watercolor studies in my sketchbook and see which one I like the best. 'Clouds Above Lake Anna' is an oil on canvas, 9" x 12" (23cm x 30cm), private collection.


John Holmes said...

I'm sorry to say that I bailed out (okay - I was pushed) out of art classes at an early stage, but as a completed work I like the idea of more foreground and more "depth" to the composition of the final entity.

(My 10 cents' worth:- I take photos because I can't draw !)

Jeremy Pearse said...

I too like a good foreground as a way of creating depth, on the opposite end of the scale, I'm now at work on a large sky painting with only a thin strip of land at the bottom! Will have to see how this one comes out, although the pre-studies have been promising.