Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Although this is a medium-sized painting, I still consider it a study. I have yet to do the larger version but hope to get to that as soon as I have finished the painting currently sitting on my easel (another sky painting). Again this is a view near to where I live looking over the relatively flat landscape of Montgomery County towards the setting sun. In the larger work, I'll probably push the vales slightly in the hope of creating a slightly more dramatic work. December Evening is 18" x 24" (46cm x 61cm). Oil on Canvas. Private collection.


john said...

To me, 18x24" is a larger version. It is too hard to sell bigger paintings. This is another superb painting. Your work is consistently top notch.

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks for the comments John, much appreciated. And I agree, larger paintings are more difficult to move but for some works, they simply have to be done on a large scale. I have about 6 such paintings on the go in my studio - just wish I could finish them!