Saturday, March 13, 2010


I visited Maine a few years ago and it is about time I went again. The landscape there absolutely thrilled me and I did quite a few paintings while I was there and also later after returning to my studio. I feel though that I didn't really see enough of the place to fully understand it so hopefully the return trip will be for a longer period. Weather was changeable (typical I'm told) which was just what I wanted so as to experience many different moods of the place. Misty Cove above is a typical morning when the fog is just starting to clear. I intended to have the sky a little more greyer but I warmed it up a bit with the band of yellow seen just above the horizon. This gave the sky a little more life than what I wanted as I had intended to add a Bald Eagle in the sky (one of only 3 raptors seen on the trip). Doing so though I felt would distract from the overall feel of the work so I'll use that idea for my next misty Maine painting. The foreground took longer than expected what with all the seaweed, rocks and pebbles on the beach. Still, it was very enjoyable painting experience and brought back many fond memories. Thanks to Pam for help with this one. Misty Cove is an oil, 9"X12".


Pamela Underhill Karaz said...

Wow, it turned out beautifully Jeremy. Very nice!

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thank you, I was hoping that you would like it! I'm planning to do quite a few more once I have finished some of the other paintings on the easel.