Wednesday, March 10, 2010


After living with Barn Window for some time, I decided that perhaps it needed just a little more work. When I started work on the studies for this painting last year, it was around 11:00am and the diffuse light coming through the dusty window panes initally attracted me to the scene. Although it was sunny outside, a slight overhang on the exterior of the barn wall shaded the window from direct sun (except early in the morning). The overhang could be just seen along the top but was somewhat indistinct due to the years of dust built up on the window. I had intended to include this into my painting from the start but then later thought that the painting looked fine as it was. Well as you can see, I did add the overhang using just a little pigment and kept things soft as I remember it being. I do think it adds a little more dimension to the work and now I'm finally finished with it (I hope). The image here has been intentionally lightened a bit as Blogspot always seems to darken the images somewhat when I upload them so I hope now it is a little closer to the original.

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