Tuesday, May 12, 2009


After the last heavy snowstorm a few months ago, I hiked down to this nearby barn to see how it looked in the snow as this was to be a new experience for me. Fortunately not that much had changed and I was very happy to see that the barn was still standing! After studying the structure from different angles outside, I went inside and immediately was taken by the quality of light streaming through not just the doors but also through the many cracks and holes between the boards of the exterior. This study was completed from the inside looking out through the smaller front entrance. I used just a few colours trying to capture some of the reflected light as well as the strong swath of sunlight on the damaged and uneven floor. This painting has set the scene for a number of interiors of this barn that I plan to do but more importantly, has renewed my interest in doing another larger painting of the exterior. I'll show you that one next time. This small oil is 8" X 5".

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