Thursday, May 14, 2009


After reviewing my studies and a few reference photos, I decided to do a larger watercolor of the barn as mentioned in my last blog. First I carefully drew the basic image in pencil onto a large sheet of Arches watercolor paper. I decided on a T-shaped composition and made sure to accurately capture the slight lean of the two doors along with the correct perspective of the roof line. Dark washes were then applied to represent the shadowed interior then I washed a mix of blue and Burnt Sienna onto the roof. Then washes of Sepia were applied to the shadow area at the top and also to the barn walls trying to create interest and texture. This was cooled slightly with a little blue and put aside to dry. I then started to add details to the area around the old bucket on the second floor and Burnt Umber was washed on the inside to add warmth and also for the sunlit areas on the far walls. It seemed like a fair start so far, next more details and some tricky decisions.

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