Wednesday, July 25, 2018


This is one of my older paintings that sold some time ago. I'm planning on re-visiting the subject so am looking at past works and other references for inspiration. The scene of these old barns is the King Farm about 20 mins drive from our home so I am able to visit there as often as I like. One morning after a memorable snow storm, I stood by the roadside doing small studies and taking reference photos before the clouds cleared and the sun began melting the snow. This painting is one of a few that came from that morning. I am thinking the next in this series will be similar in size and composition but with a slightly different view point. The barns still stand (something of a rarity around here) so I am planning a few visits in the future to gather more reference and do some plein-air paintings. Size is about 20" x 40" (51cm x 102cm), oil on canvas.

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