Friday, July 10, 2015


In Hong Kong I mostly see Spotted Redshanks in their winter plumage - as with this bird. Higher tides in Deep Bay brings waders right up the the boardwalk hide so one can easily study them at closer quarters than usual. It was one of these birds that I first drew in my sketchbook last year - this became the idea for this study. A small watercolor painting was started (in my sketchbook) then I began work on this painting laying in a series of background washes. I painted in the bird as usual building up tones and finishing off with the reflection. Size is 11" x 7,5". Watercolor on Arches paper.


John Holmes said...

Great rendition, Jeremy - one of my favourite waders, very subtle in this plumage.

Paschalis Dougalis said...

I love this!!