Tuesday, July 7, 2015


One of the very first birds I saw in Hong Kong many years ago when I first arrived there were Black Kites soaring over the harbor. Later when I moved from Kowloon to Lamma Island I used to see them every day so began studying and painting them. This bird has always had a strong association with Hong Kong for me and over the years I never tire of watching them, this is probably the main reason that I have done so many paintings of them.
With this painting, I had watched a female kite through my telescope as it sat resting before flying off early one morning so went to the same rocks it had been on and started a painting. Later in the studio I added the background and then the bird trying all the while for an early morning feel to the work. This oil took a few weeks to finish but I was happy with the completed painting. Size is 36" x 24" (90cm x 60cm). Oil on canvas. Sold.


john said...

It seems that I remember seeing this scene before. Is this a larger version of an earlier study?
It really is such a noble portrayal of a bird that I tend to overlook because Black Kites can be so common in their range. Well done, like all your work.

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks John, I did post a similar painting (one more in a series) last July, I have probably done about 10 paintings of Black Kites and am sure that I'll do more.