Monday, February 17, 2014


After spending some time viewing and sketching Egrets and Herons at Shuen Wan, I decided to complete a field study of a Grey Heron in my sketchbook. As the bird was resting amongst rocks along the shoreline, I was able to observe it for some time and started with a careful drawing. Egrets and herons often spend a lot of time immobile while waiting for the tide to turn and so are easy birds to get to know - as a birdwatcher and as an artist. This bird was facing into the sun (and the wind) but looking slightly left so I drew it that way. Once I was happy with how the bird came out, I lightly sketched in the background rocks then contemplated how to proceed next - paint the bird first or start with the background. Since the tide was still quite high and the bird was probably going to stay around for awhile, I decided to work on the rocks first. Next, getting some color down.

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