Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Living near the Potomac River means just a short drive to its wooded banks and I love to walk the towpath especially in the spring and fall when the river is particularly beautiful.  Migrant birds abound drawn not so much by the water but by the tall trees that boarder each side. On the Maryland side, these trees often form an extensive network of woods leading deep into the northern part of the state. I usually start my walk at Great Falls and watch out for larger birds overhead as well as warblers etc which at times seem to be in every bush and tree. On occasion I'll see an Osprey or two usually following the river or soaring higher over the trees and love to follow them in my binoculars. More rarely eagles appear but it is also a good place to find Black (and Turkey) Vultures.
When I'm painting I try to remember to keep looking up in case there is something overhead and this is the idea in the painting here. I'm often attracted to the area below the falls especially when mist fills the air and distances seems absolute. For me it is a magical playground where each vista takes on a new meaning - I'll spend hours painting until the sun rises high enough to burn off the mist and the river returns to normal. I never seem to tire of it. Osprey and Morning Mist, oil on canvas, size 9" x 12".


john said...

Superb, like always.

John Holmes said...

An intimate feeling to this one... and as one of your other commenters noted, some real live wildlife often adds to the scene, as the Osprey does here !

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks very much, I'm hoping to do more paintings like this one.