Monday, January 3, 2011


I did this watercolor some time ago but only today came across a digitalized pic of it! I remember at that time quite a few years ago being struck by how much goes unseen under our feet! And as a result started to look a little more carefully - a practice that I still continue to this day. I did a series of paintings like this one and would have done more but for the fact that each one took ages! Here it is Springtime in the forest which is slowly coming to life. New plants and flowers are blooming under the dappled shade of a warm day and moss is starting to grow again after early spring showers. Last years leaves are still to be found though slowly decaying into humus. It is the time for spring migrants to be heard calling through the woods and if you are lucky, the sight of a newly-born fawn. The Forest Floor is 11" X 15". SOLD.

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