Tuesday, January 18, 2011


In a previous post I wrote about the beauty of the African Fish Eagle along with some studies that I have made of them. In this painting, I decided to feature the bird in its environment - here sitting in an ubiquitous thorn tree with weaver bird nests in the background. I love all birds but find that it is often the largest eagles and falcons that excite me the most as an artist and naturalist, but these birds are often the ones that are most difficult to see - at least not well enough to get enough information to create a painting. Visiting certain Zoos and wildlife rehab centers is always a good idea as is going to falconry meets etc but there is nothing like seeing the bird in the wild doing what it should. And that is what I have tried to capture in this painting. Thanks to Craig for help with this one! Size is 22" X 15" painted on Arches watercolor paper. SOLD.


Pat said...

You've captured a sense of him monitoring the surroundings! xx

Peter Brown said...

Jeremy, this is a beauty!

Jeremy Pearse said...

Pat and Peter, thanks so much! Your comments as always are most appreciated!