Wednesday, April 28, 2010


While on a painting trip some time ago in Canada, I rose before dawn and cycled a few miles along the Fraser river then sat watching the new day being born. In the peaceful halflight, morning mist slowly crept in from the East at times totally surrounding me in its whiteness. As the sun breached the horizon, light began to fill the sky with soft pastel tones of red and orange. It was amazing sitting there and watching all this unfold - a totally captivating experience. Shapes appeared then disappeared into the mist and as the field in front of me cleared I could see to the distant mountains with everything in between wreathed in mist. All this was happening so fast that there was no time to paint but I held what I had seen in my memory for later when I could do a few studies. This painting is one of a series that I started many months ago and is probably the last. Although I learnt a lot while painting them, I think that I didn't quite get the feeling that I was after. Perhaps I'll re-visit this area in the near future and manage a better job next time around. Mist near Lower Hamilton is an oil on canvas, size 8" X 18".


Anonymous said...

This is again one of those that appealed to me from the series of paintings you started long time ago. The series you worked on including this one seemed to somehow show the shift of you from within and a reflection of you as a person through the paintings. It'll be a pity if this is your last one in the series.


Jeremy Pearse said...

Hi Cherry, I'm glad that this series of paintings appealed to you as I know you mentioned in your past comments that you were from the area. I do have a few more subjects from in and around Pitt Meadows that I will be exploring in paint (mostly in response to the wonderful times I remember having there)so maybe those will be the start of a new series.