Wednesday, April 7, 2010


As mentioned before, I have been working lately at a nearby farm and the latest work is another window but this time from the other end of the barn where the light is slightly cooler. This is mainly down to the fact that this area is where the cows were milked so the walls had been painted white. Over the years this color had faded somewhat to a dusty grey that takes on a warmer tone from reflected sunlight but cooler near the ground where only subdued light falls. This painting will be a slight departure for me in that I'm planning on doing this one almost monochromematic. It's a little scary in that I'm not sure how it will turn out and since I'll be putting in many hours on this one, I hope I won't feel that the time was wasted. Anyway, after a somewhat simplified drawing, I laid in a slightly warm color over the whole sheet of watercolor paper then stapled the sheet to a board. When this had dried I went in with a grey wash of Neutral Tint and then fed a bit of Sepia the bottom area before it had dried. A usual, I painted around the lightest areas taking care with the window as I wanted this to be basically undisturbed and the first wash would set the tone of the window panes. Being very dusty they only let in a somewhat subdued light and although it was sunny outside, not much could be seen through them. Next I'll be getting to some of the darker washes that will hopefully set the overall tone.

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