Monday, April 7, 2008


Posts have been far and few between here lately, this is mostly because I have been working up to the last moment for my show at Caulfield Gallery mentioned earlier. Well, the reception has come and gone so thank you to all who dropped by the gallery on Saturday. I had a wonderful time and it was great seeing old friends and fellow artists again and meeting so many visitors. Also a huge thanks to Cory Caulfield for all the work she put in to make the exhibition a success. The gallery looked fantastic and everyone who visited agreed! I plan on posting most of the show images here and "High County Farm" is one of my favorite smaller works. Again, like Winter Solstice, this painting shows the land after the sun has dropped below the horizon. I kept the foreground understated so that the eye would be drawn to the upper part of the painting where most of the details are. The original is a little more subtle that this picture shows and viewed from across the room, the foreground grasses have a quiet glow that reflects the light in the sky. This effect is one of those happy accidents that we artists love but they are usually rare. What is even more rare for me is a reworking of a panting once it has left my studio but it is what I did to this one. It is not that the structure of the painting has changed so much but more that I have slightly altered the tones both in the sky and the ground which had led to (I think) a stronger painting. This small oil is 9" X 12".

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