Saturday, April 19, 2008


I have been working with found objects since I started to draw and paint as a child; birds eggs, feathers, bones, oddly-shaped and colored stones, beetles, leaves; all were carefully noted and drawn (usually life size) in my series of diaries, note books and sketchpads. My father's workshop offered yet another place to find unusual objects and tools to paint. I still maintain a large collection of the like and over the years, many have found their way into my paintings. I have some wonderful antique colored bottles along with Japanese pottery and lacquered boxes that were collected throughout my travels around the world. My paintings of these are usually done in watercolor on a plain background as in 'Gourd' above. While I admit this is not the easiest way to create a still life painting (especially using the smooth-surfaced paper that I do), I feel that I can often come closer to actually creating something of worth than if I were to use an opaque medium. In this I think I reflect the feelings of Alan Magee who's early works in watercolor and colored pencil are profound, and still form an inspiration. I decided to make a painting of the gourd when I discovered the smiley face burnt into the surface along with the other patterns. The 'ear tufts' on each side are unusual beads . This one sold at my Caulfield show - the size is 8" X 12".

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