Tuesday, October 10, 2023



I did this small study in my sketchbook as I am planning a series of rock and water paintings. I have always been drawn to this subject and have done many paintings along this theme in the past. I'm thinking that most of these will be in watercolor as I haven't used this medium in the way it was intended for some time and have created a new folder full of small references that I hope I can convert into paintings. Often though, I start a painting only to abandon it after a while as I begin to see that perhaps my idea isn't going to work out the way that I had intended. Sometimes this is because of my technique which can be perhaps a little more detailed than could be so I am trying to keep most of these watercolors a little looser. It does to some extent though, depend on the painting itself and what are my goals for the finished piece. So with this in mind, I kept the water quite loose in this study and it has seemed to have worked. Perhaps some of this will transfer over to the larger painting when I get to it - I will have to wait and see!

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