Wednesday, December 22, 2021



This view looking down river is one I see most mornings (when I get up early enough!). I have been continuing my tradition of checking out the atmospheric conditions each day just as it is getting light and if things look interesting, I quickly dress and go downstairs then out onto the nearby boat dock which extends out over the water. From here I have good views in most directions and can observe the changing sky as it gets light and as the sun begins to rise. On this particular morning, it was cold and cloudy but the sky began to clear somewhat as the sun came up. More than anything, it was the cloud formation and the quality of light which caught my attention. For this study (and most of the others I have been doing recently), I have kept it small but even so really struggled with the painting of it! There are some areas that I had to redo and I am not happy with that but in the end, I did get close to what I was after. At least now, if I paint a larger version, I'll have the experience of doing this one to guide me. Size is 8" x 10", oil on canvas.

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