Monday, December 28, 2020



This view across the beanfield looks west towards the setting sun and has become a favored one of mine. Consequently, I have done quite a few paintings that look out towards the distant treeline and include the various weather conditions I have seen. This study is one of the first I did of the area and shows the field before the beans had been harvested. Size is 8" x 10", oil on canvas.

Guard Shore Beach is about a 15 min drive from where we are staying and has become a favorite destination of mine. While perhaps not as picturesque as others on the Chesapeake, I like the views across the marsh on the one side and the water on the other. The quick study shown here was one I did when we visited on a cold but sunny morning a few weeks ago and I tried to capture the bright light shining across the landscape and water to the distant trees. Size is 5" x 7", oil on canvas.

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