Thursday, March 23, 2017


Finally a post on this sadly neglected blog! I have been travelling almost continually since Jan so have actually had little time at home or in the studio. Anyway, I'm back for now so onto the first recently completed painting.
While visiting a good friend who has a fair collection of my work, I was taken by a study I did some years ago of a pomegranate resting amongst fallen leaves. The pomegranate tree was next to my home on Lamma Island, Hong Kong and I had painted its fruit a few times. One day while passing I saw where a pomegranate had fallen off the tree and rolled onto some leaves. I did the study there and then but always wanting to do a larger version. In the studio I selected a half sheet of Arches watercolor paper then set to work with a soft pencil. The end result of a day's work is shown above. Next I'll stretch the sheet and start laying on some washes of paint.

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