Saturday, March 19, 2016


Whilst in Hong Kong and in between hospital visits etc, there was plenty of time available to paint and since the hotel room had a nice desk near the window, I was able to work quite happily. Initially I was working on a painting of a waterfall that wasn't working out so I turned the paper over and started a new drawing for something I had seen a few days earlier. As is usual with my underdrawings, I kept it light and drew the reflections in the water in a somewhat simplistic manner.
The subject here relates back to a project that I had started a few years ago which I called "The Covered Boat Series". The idea happened like this: while walking along the Hong Kong Island harbor front, I came across the Causeway Bay typhoon shelter which held a number of different-sized boats - from smaller sampans to larger junks and fishing boats. It seemed that at the time most of these boats weren't being used and instead were 'wrapped' for want of a better word, in canvas and sheets of colored plastic - mostly I think to keep out the rain. Some of the boats were used as storage with all kinds of junk and wood piled up inside. Anyway, for me they were something completely unexpected and aroused my interest from an artistic point of view. The first painting in the series didn't get that far as I made a mess of the water so it remains in no mans land. Hopefully now that this smaller painting that I started here is finished, I'll be able to take another look at the older one and be able to save it from the scrap pile.

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