Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Most of the rocks are complete at this point. Usually while working, I'll step back from time to time and see what areas need more work and selectively pay more attention to those parts as needed. It's a case of fine tuning when I'm this far along, seeking a balance and if needed, I'll scrub out some areas so that I can re-work them, trying all the while to get closer to the final image I have in my head. I'm also adding subtle washes to the figure and slowly bringing it along as well. This painting has been a bit of a marathon, working on and off for a few months - hopefully not too far to go now.


Unknown said...

I'm amazed that you can remain focused for many months one one piece. I love the way you captured the water pooling at the bottom of the rock. This painting is going to be terrific!

John Holmes said...

It's certainly coming on now.

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks for the comments, this one has been a bit of a marathon and I will be glad when it is finished.