Friday, February 8, 2013


I have been working on this portrait for many years and finally I am about finished with it. I approached my friend and sculptor Pete Zulazec more years ago that I want to remember, in the hopes of doing a portrait of him. He kindly agreed so the rest then was up to me. I really struggled with this one, trying a version in oils, then watercolor, then back to oils etc etc etc on and on. Still after all this I couldn't get any of these paintings to work out the way that I had hoped. Finally after so long I managed to finish this version. I have given so much to this painting that I don't think that I would be able to try it again. Maybe time will take away some of those feelings but for now, I'm on to something different! Pete, I'm sorry that it took so long.
Details of the painting - watercolor on Arches paper, 15" X 22".


john said...

Your tenacity is astounding, and the results show that all your effort was worth it. I hope that your friend Pete likes the way it turned out.

John Holmes said...

I've never seen Pete; but you've given him a very piercing and perceptive sort of look....just the sort of thing a sculptor should have.

I hope he likes the painting !

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks guys! Fortunately Pete really liked the painting and his comments made all that work worthwhile.