Saturday, October 13, 2012


With the work coming along the way that I had hoped it would, I start to think ahead and about how I want the finished painting to look. I had the idea to sort of have the bird emerging out of the darker tones of the painting so I began using thinner washes as I moved down the breast and wing. I'll continue this more as I go along but I think it is going to be a case of simply building up tone and details until I am happy with it. The hardest part was getting a good drawing in place before I even started thinking about adding any paint. Sometimes the work goes so well it feels like I'm doing a paint-by-numbers!


john said...

It's looking good, as per your usual work.

Jeremy Pearse said...

John,thanks. Working on this one was a very enjoyable process which as I'm sure you know, is not always the case!