Sunday, October 14, 2012


Working with thin washes as is the usual process for me, I bring the painting to completion. In this case it was adding some finer details and tonal values that helped with the overall feeling of the work. I also dropped in some slightly darker washes to the background which helped further define the shape of the bird. Taking care with some subtle painting in the shadows of the breast helped give a sense of light which is becoming ever more important to me as an artist and giving what I hope is an added dimension to my work. I'll leave the painting as it is for awhile but give it a look over from time to time to see if there are not one or two small areas that need a bit of attention, but for now I'm happy that it's finished.
I really do love the power of these large falcons which is amply shown in the size of the head, beak and breast. I'm sure also that I'll do more of these magnificent birds trying all the while to show what I made of my experiences with them. Size is 15" X 11.5" - watercolor on Arches paper.


John Holmes said...

Looks like a great effort.... subtlety is a difficult thing to achieve in an image

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks John, and yes, you're right, subtlety is difficult and many people look right past it!