Sunday, April 17, 2011


This is another painting in the Grit and Glory exhibition starting this weekend at McBride Gallery. I initially became interested by the light and shadows cast inside this shed by the gap at the top of the door. Also the way that strong abstract shapes were created amongst the tools stacked on the right. The weathered boards inside were quite deep in tone at the top but faded considerably near the floor. I noted an ancient push-mower inside along with a few scythes and other oddments - all fascinating to me with their patinaed finishes suggesting old age and much hard work. The exterior had a well-faded and damaged look that spoke of many hot storm-drenched summers and equally freezing winters - I had a lot of fun painting this one! The Tool Shed is 22" X 15", watercolor on Arches paper.


Pat said...

Great painting. Love the shadows and light in the interior ! xx

Jeremy Pearse said...

Thanks as always Pat. The light and shadow was what really interested me in this one and I saw the darker areas as an abstract slash across the paper. A fun painting to do especially when working on the mower and other old stuff inside the shed!

Roger Brown My Botswana Art said...

Beautiful painting,reminds me a little of Andrew Wyeths style,and subject matter.