Tuesday, April 26, 2011


One of the joys that we as artists experience is getting a chance to exhibit with others and for me, the most exciting one is at Birds in Art held annually at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wisconsin, USA. Over the weekend various events are arranged and taking the bus up to Hazelhurst is always special. There at the country house, one is free to relax, swim, walk the grounds or take a boat ride on the lake. Loons are common here (excuse the pun) along with other birds and occasionally one is lucky with the sight of an eagle. The bird in this watercolor is heading across the lake under a somewhat moody sky. I tried to be a little looser in my washes with this work and it seemed to work especially in the water which I'm quite pleased with. Eagle Near Hazelhurst is 5.5" X 10".


Vernon Washington said...

I visit your site on a regular basis to see what new gem you'll post. Your work is great! What texture watercolor paper do you use?

Jeremy Pearse said...

Hi Vernon, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment - I still remember meeting you so long ago in Charleston.
I usually use either Hot-pressed or Not - Arches mostly. Rarely I'll try some rough but since most of my work is detailed, I tend to keep to the smoother papers. How about you?

Vernon Washington said...

Because my paintings tend to have very textured things, rocks, trees, sand, ect., I tend to use Aches Rough 140 weight to help me get across the roughness of the African terrain. Lately though I've been using cold-press 140 weight (Arches) and painting on half sheets. Painting Africa is such an enduring passion for me but here in Charleston there's no market for it..despite this I can't seem to stop!

michael oberhofer said...

Just stumbled on your work looking for Falcon ref shots. Very good stuff indeed!
Isn't Hazelhurst the best!? First time I found myself playing volleyball with Lars Johnsson. Mind blown!
Keep it up and enjoy!